Friday, February 21, 2020

GTA 5: Los Angeles Crimes 1.5.4 MOD Apk Android(Unlimited Money)

GTA 5: Los Angeles Crimes 1.5.4 MOD Apk Android(Unlimited Money)

GTA 5: Los Angeles Crimes

Game : GTA 5: Los Angeles Crimes
Current Version: 1.5.4
Requires Android: 4.4 and up
Type: MOD + OBB
Updated: February 18, 2020

GTA 5: Los Angeles Crimes – the continuation of the acclaimed series of criminal action games that began to appear on Android. Grand Theft Auto V will still retain the similar look to many GTA games. In previous versions, GTA only allows you to observe everything in the 3rd view from the top down. But with GTA 5, Rockstar game maker decided to bring the first look to players, which is to change the gameplay as well as bring the most exciting experience to the player.

Features in Grand Theft Auto V

GTA 5: Los Angeles Crimes

■ The map in GTA 5 is very large, which includes many small parts such as cities, deserts, arable land, towns, mountains, oceans … all will be created in detail. The map area in GTA 5 is more extensive than the combination of GTA 4 and GTA San Andreas. It will be about 70 square km, so you will probably need a lot of time to explore it.

■ GTA 5 has the most abundant vehicles collection ever. There are many types of vehicles are added to the game such as aeroplanes, helicopters, skis, and more. Players are free to choose their favourite vehicles to easily explore everything.

■ Weapon is also a thing to be mentioned in GTA 5. The game will bring most weapons sorted by the use such as melee, shoot, blast… You can also see the return of some types of special equipment such as parachute guns, rifles with silencers, golf clubs…

■ GTA 5 has a multiplayer mode similar to GTA 4, but it will have more features, even compared to many online games today. You can see features such as level up, do tasks, buy clothes, make money…

■ GTA 5 graphics are great. You need to prepare your device well if you want to experience smoothly all the features of the game. The graphics upgrade is also proof that you can customize your character in detail. You can change the details from the smallest tattoos to the size and weight of the character.

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